product management

master data overview

with the MMS of anyMarket it is possible to deposit and manage several warehouses. With the automated stocktaking and the control of your inventory and with additional evaluations and statistics you always have the overview of the entire assortment in one system.

attributes, images & descriptions

maintaining images or descriptions in HTML using a WYSIWYG editor or the appropriate article features and attributes is child's play

price & stock

by monitoring inventory levels, anyMarket also supports inventory, as each process is reconciled with the stored initial data and updated "just in time".

manage variants

the connection between the variants of the products (parent-child) facilitates the maintenance of the data and also transfers it in exactly the same way to all connected marketplaces

listing preview

before transferring a product to the marketplace, the listings (offers) can be displayed as a preview in order to be able to correct any errors before transferring the product.

listing errors
all listing errors reported by the marketplace are visible at the product level. Fix the reported errors directly in the product and the product will be retransmitted.
warehouse stock overview
at a glance: in which warehouse, shelf and compartment is the product currently placed. The exact quantities always in sight