stock overview

immediately see at any time which product is in which bin. When transferring a product to another storage location, the system checks whether enough pieces are available or whether already reserved quantities are blocked.

infinite number of storage places

each physical warehouse can create unlimited number of storage bins. The direction of movement through the warehouse during picking can be controlled by the sorting. The capacity can be used to directly see how much free volume still exists in this specific bin when picking.

parent sotrage

what if you have different physical storage locations?
Quite simply, in a "superordinate" warehouse you see all articles and stocks cumulated, no matter how many different storage locations you have in the system.

stock label printing

simply prepare all or only certain storage labels for printing from the storage location management and then attach them to the appropriate storage location on the shelf

storage / inventory

regardless of whether goods are being stored or an entire inventory is being taken, the simplified menu can be used to take an inventory of the entire warehouse stock in a very short time or to store individual products using a hand-held scanner.