create warehouse / dropshipper

with the supply chain module it is possible to connect any number of suppliers (dropshippers) or warehouses. Various settings that guarantee and optimize the efficient flow of goods

minimal & maximal stock

controling of shortages. All products imported below the set value of "Min stock" are to be interpreted for the system as not present. In case of Max stock, the stock above the set value will be reduced to it

with the supply chain module it is possible to connect any number of suppliers (dropshippers) or warehouses with each other. Alle Warenflüsse, von der Herstellung über die Optimierung bis hin zum Verkauf an Endverbraucher, im Blick. Steering of incoming orders and therefore also the flow of money. The value chain is not only considered in one direction but also in pre-sales and after-sales.

the best way to track how goods get from the manufacturer to the supplier to the stores and/or the end customer. This includes, for example, customer feedback, what does the sales department have problems with? etc.
All the information gained is taken into account and incorporated again in the next process, so that the process can always be optimized.


• shipping costs
• discount
• surcharges
• minimum and maximum stocks
ayment terms (in planning)
• automatic repurchase (in planning)

from the import of the products, to the optimization and updating of the goods on the individual online platforms, to the delivery bill and invoice generation. With the tools and services of anyMarket, optimizations and automations can be imposed in every single step, so that a work-life balance is included at a stable level

  • overview of the entire product range at all times.
  • automated import of product data possible every minute
  • adjustment of raw data “on-the-fly” using complex “if-then” formulas
  • import of product data directly from the marketplace, via CSV or XML
  • individual settings for each warehouse / distributor

seller to warehouse assignment

which warehouse, which supplier (dropshipper) may be offered on which marketplace. Decide individually and purposefully which goods may be listed and distributed on which marketplace.