not a pure price analysis tool !

min- & max calculation

for each marketplace there is an optimal sales price. The system calculates fully automatically a minimum gross sales price below which the product may not be offered on the respective marketplace, based on the individually set specifications in the system. Exactly the same way a maximum selling price can be calculated to sell off the stock, even if the competitor’s price is somewhat higher.

net purchase price price calculation

anyMarket has the know-how and the technical basis to calculate sales prices from below (net) based on various criteria. Shipping, packaging, storage costs, the set margins, the respective category fee (automatically via the API) and the VAT are used for the calculation.

RePricing does not mean simply visualizing the product price and the competitor’s price in a diagram – that is quite simple and pretty but does not generate any profit.

Global or product-specific price calculations, which the system controls on the basis of set strategies, enable highly efficient profit maximization.
Manually, only a handful of items can be priced. In doing so, each of your products must be compared to the competition on each marketplace and immediately the price changed on the marketplace.

Since there are now countless repricing providers, this feature is a must in a highly competitive product segment. It guarantees time savings for everyone. Checks on all marketplaces and the entire product range are fully automated. The downward price spiral is unfortunately inevitable with so many RePricing tools.

anyMarket has better algorithms than the “standard” offered on the market. Once the minimum selling price is reached, the system can add a premium to this price and automatically transfers the higher price to the marketplace – all other pricing tools pull the price up with it.

given gross sales price margins

fixed or already calculated gross sales prices can be entered individually per product and the system reprices the competition only in the precisely specified price range. Thus can be product-exactly steered which basis price calculation (purchase pruce net or sales price gross) is to take effect

market-oriented repricing

demand regulates the price

there are products in the assortment that have no direct competition, but it should be possible to carry out a meaningful price optimization for these articles? Exactly this is possible with our “Market Oriented RePricing”. The system checks in a defined range whether the product was sold at price X or not. If not, the price is adjusted downwards step by step by a set value. As soon as the sale at this price increases, the price is also automatically increased again.