buy and sell with optimal conditions any time at the


the best source

the product is offered for sale by this particular warehouse / droppshipper.


there is an even better source

the product is in this stock / droppshipper on hold position.



no stock for that product

the product can not be obtained from this particular warehouse / droppshipper.

no more manual comparison necessary

online trading with multiple warehouses, dropshipping solutions and distributors is complicated: there are so many variables to consider in marketplace listings and order processes that a manual approach quickly not only eats up a lot of time, but also offers many sources of error.

before and after the sale the optimal source of supply

with fully automated rating, there is now a system that compares and rates all products across any number of sourcing channels. And not only in presales before and during listing, as a basis for price calculation and inventory transfer - but also in aftersales for incoming orders