offer template

with an individual HTML template the offers (listings) on eBay look visually appealing. Simply fill the product-specific features with placeholder variables and store the layout in the system. You can store as many templates as you like and change the template at any time, for example for special promotions.

attributes & features

dropdowns or single feature? The system can distinguish automatically based on the data in the products. Thus, an optimal control of variants is child's play. Images, description & Co. is fully automated on eBay created and uploaded

stock & price Transfer

the inventory is reconciled and adjusted between the system and eBay at any time. As soon as the purchase price, margin, shipping costs or other factors in the product change, the change is also transferred to eBay

RePricing (ePID / EAN)

RePricing is also possible on eBay! Whether with EK price, min/max calculation or market-oriented RePrcing - all methods are also available for eBay. The only requirement: the EAN! Based on the EAN the ePID (eBay product identifier) can be determined automatically.

invoice and correction invoice dispatch
ss with any connected marketplace, invoices and invoice corrections can be sent to buyers automatically
seller profiles
set shipping, payment or return profile globally for all offers or individually per offer (item). The only requirement: The respective seller profile must be created in the seller account.