anymarket fulfillment by cdiscount

fulfillment by cdiscount (FBC)

The shipping and returns processing can easily be left to Cdiscount. In several shipping centers (France and Germany), Cdiscount handles all shipping. Additional advantage of shipping through Cdiscount: Angebote werden als "FBC" ausgezeichnet und haben dadurch zum Beispiel mehr Sichtbarkeit in der BuyBox oder das Treueprogramm "Cdiscount à volonté"

central catalog

via anyMarket it is possible to create a new Cdiscount SKU (product ID) on the platform. Thus, an automated extension of the central catalog is possible using the data available in the system. The only requirement: the EAN!

stock & price transfer

no more overselling or old / wrong prices on Cdiscount. With anyMarket, the data from the seller account of the platform is checked and immediately transferred to it in case of changes

(BuyBox) RePricing

UNIQUE in the eCommerce market!
anyMarket is the only provider that allows fully automated RePricing on Cdiscount. Price comparison based on BuyBox or "normal" - both possible.

invoice dispatch
As on all platforms connected to the system, invoices (PDFs) and, in the case of Cdiscount, attachments (general terms and conditions, revocation, etc.) can be sent to the buyer in a fully automated manner.
correction invoice
invoice correction and dispatch can be sent to the buyer fully automatically after an order cancellation, as in all marketplaces connected to the system