FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon)

switching from FBM (Fullfillment by Merchant) to FBA and back again, can be easily controlled via product properties.
From that point on, Amazon takes over all inventory management and returns management, anyMarket continues to transfer prices to be competitive and get the most profit out of it

BuyBox RePricing

the competitor detection can also be aligned with the BuyBox. The "add to cart" box at Amzon is an important sales mechanism that does not always map the cheapest seller, but the BEST that Amazon provides for it. Like a time slice, different sellers are placed in the BuyBox. It is possible to influence them and be represented in it with a higher price, so that the margin increases and no profit is lost.

shipping confirmation

after the goods have left the warehouse and the status "Shipped" has been reached in the system for an order, all information such as carrier, time and tracking data is transferred to Amazon

price & stock

within a fast rhythm, changes to sales prices as well as inventory changes are transferred to the SellerCentral account for all products

invoice and correction invoice dispatch
ss with any connected marketplace, invoices and invoice corrections can be sent to buyers automatically
central catalog
simply transfer your own brands and products from anyMarket to the SellerCentral account. The system checks if the same product exists in the Amazon catalog or not. Alternatively simply attach to already existing listings