invoices & co

information on the documents

logo, company name, address, tax number and contact details belong on every invoice. Simply enter / upload the correct data and that's it

specific settings

whether prefix or suffix, number ranges, whether the delivery address must be on the invoice or not, these and other settings can be set and controlled very precisely

additional texts

for each marketplace it is possible and also advisable to store individual texts. Example for Amazon. "The invoice amount does not have to be paid, because the settlement is done directly via Amazon"

correction invoice

should the shipping costs be refunded automatically in case of a complete cancellation or not? Manual crediting of the shipping costs can be left to the system with 1-click

additional documents

where permitted, additional documents can be sent to the marketplace or store when sending invoices. Such as, for example, terms and conditions or cancellation policy or vouchers etc.


before an invoice is sent, a preview of the design and data on the document can be viewed and corrected if necessary.