goods receipt

scan or manually enter the EAN number. The system checks whether there is an order for this product that still has to be shipped. If there is no order, the product can be stored in a suitable storage location in the next step. Distribution items, are assigned by the system to the appropriate order.

pick & pack

once all the products in the picklisite are present at the picking station, they can be scanned one by one. The system automatically finds the matching order. In case of multiple items, the system remembers which of the items from the order have already been scanned

individual settings for outgoing products

depending on the user, settings can be made in the outgoing goods department such as: working with pick lists is mandatory or whether a scale should be used at the station, as well as the automatic printing of a delivery bill, etc.

scale & printer

fully automated, exact package weights can be transferred to the carrier via connected scales and the label is printed directly on a label printer.

outgoing products

once all items or the order have been scanned, the system can decide based on the product data (weight or volume) whether to ship with DHL, DPD, GLS, etc.. The shipping data is sent to the connected carrier to receive the finished label for printing (PDF or Dynamo print) as a response.

order processing

by scanning an EAN or the order number, the matching order is found in the system and displayed for goods issue. Partial delivery or one-click closings as well as working with a barcode scanner are possible at any time