base settings

for the transmission and creation of a valid DATEV export, all relevant data must be stored. The own tax consultant knows these best. Settings such as ACTUAL or TARGET taxation are very relevant for the tax report.

individual SetUp

each tax consultant works according to his own pattern and procedure. Simply set the desired columns and contents and the perfect DATEV export is ready.

account allocation

to which account and with which posting key orders and returns should be automatically posted can be easily set with information from the tax advisor

accounts payable & accounts receivable

continuous across all marketplaces and channels or an individual creditor or debtor number for each marketplace? Neither is a problem for the system

non-cash & bank accounts

are there different bank or G/L accounts? Or is everything handled via one bank account? The tax advisor will be able to answer these questions easily and it is just as easy to manage them in the system

DATEV Export

easily and conveniently export all data for the tax advisor with one click. All relevant accounting data as well as receipts and invoices are made available in compressed form This facilitates and saves a tax consultant a lot of time and thus a lot of money

DATEVconnect online

all relevant data and documents are transmitted securely and in a timely manner thanks to the interface to DATEVconnect online. To establish the connection to DATEVOnline, the tax advisor can best help