column assignment (preview)

using a preview of the first lines of the file to be imported, one has an optimal overview of the data. Via Drag&Drop column assignments can be changed and moved comfortably

columns assignment

assignment of the data from the CSV file to the system field is enabled in a structured way in the column assignment


what is the key to match data between file and database? anyMarket doesn't care - SKU, EAN, FedasID or the product name - almost anything can be used as a key to update data.

type of data

the system can distinguish individually whether the data is product, customer, order or store data.

filter settings

various filters such as "Zero/delete records" or "Only insert/update" and "Products active/inactive" help to optimize fully automated processes when importing data.

"nn-the-fly" filter

you can also let the system adjust a given CSV file "on-the-fly" during processing. Data manipulation as you need it!

import logging

when was what type of file imported? How many entries were processed? At what time was the data fetched? What is the stats of the import? These and other questions are answered in the import log

"prefilled" server data

pPre-define saved server settings to save manual copy-pasting of host, path or file names. Simply store a "default" server and select only the preset parameters when setting up the import configurations.

FTP, HTTP(S) or manually
importing data via (s)FTP, HTTP(s) or manually possible
full control of product at the marketplaces. When importing the data decide for which marketplaces the products should be activated
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