turnover widgets

oustomized output data of control panels. Display sales as widget and set filters like sales per day, current month or last year. TOP sellers and much more.

pie charts

how many items are actively on sale? Which products have no pictures or how many items have which sales rank. Many useful pie charts are available in the system

Individual arrangement of control panels in multiple tabs, rows and columns are possible. Many evaluations that allow a strategic alignment across all marketplaces connected to the system. No matter if turnover, sales figures, returns, advertising costs etc.. Control panels can be set up for each of the connected marketplaces.
Identify TOP & FLOP seller products and strategically align them accordingly. Different views can be set up, such as widgets (tables), pie charts or charts (line charts) and even very precisely, down to a single product.


everything at a glance! Charts (line diagrams) can be used to display sales for each sales channel, each warehouse or at item level. If desired, any comparison periods can also be displayed.

various filter possibilities

with filter settings, the data for each widget, pie chart or chart can be compiled individually. This includes time periods, display format and comparisons as well as status and marketplace.