anyMarket eShop

with our eShop module, you don't miss any possibility to offer your goods in a responsive online store. With a few clicks it is possible to customize the logo, categories (navigation bar), and colors in your own eShop. Full functionality like top sellers or new products on the start page can be set easily

domain purchase or
already available

if you don't have a website yet, no problem, just do the domain check via anyMarket and secure the matching store URL directly. And if you already have a domain, it can easily be transferred to anyMarket with the AuthCode.

Self-hosted or hosted by anyMarket

do you already have a hosting partner? No problem, with the right access permissions, we can roll out the store to any server. If you don't have hosting, just book the right tariff and we will host your eShop.

more functions in the eShop as standard

• discount promotions (vouchers)
• shipping settings
• new products on start page
• top seller on start page
• wish list

standard template or
customized design

in the standard template you can make the following changes to the eShop, among others:
• Change background - colored or image
• Add categories (navigation bar)
• change logo, colors of buttons, footer and navigation bar

As an example store you can have a look at futter-dealer.de
Of course we can design your eShop completely individually, just give us a call and we will discuss what you have in mind.

product creation, price and inventory updates

offer all products or only a certain assortment in the eShop and do not leave out any sales channel in order to generate more sales and profit.

order confirmations & shipping confirmation

each buyer receives a customizable order confirmation and information about the shipping status by mail

invoices and correction invoices

ss with all connected marketplaces, autoamatized invoices and correction invoices can also be sent to the buyer in our eShop

payment options in the eShop

as payment options for buyers you can choose from the following options:
• Amazon Payment
• PayPal
• Klarna

other payment providers, are only possible to include by surcharge

RePricing in the eShop - is that possible?

The products in the online store have either a pre-priced or a calculated sales price - look for more information under Functions - RePricing or have your store price adjusted every few minutes based on the competitive situation on Amazon, eBay & Co. if it changes on the other marketplaces.