anyMarket ERP

ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning

  • logistics & fulfillment
  • order processing
  • purchasing
  • distribution
  • finance & accounting
  • product management
  • controlling
  • marketing (in Planung)
  • CRM (in planning)
  • HR(in planing)



RePricing / price optimization

more sales, optimal price, more profit

  • minimal- & maximal price calculation
  • purchase price calculation
  • min / max. gross sales price
  • market-oriented RePricing
  • RePricing by gropus (in planing)

Our goal is to achieve an optimally calculated sales price for you at any time, in any available marketplace, based on the competitive situation.
You can set individual price calculations for the entire product portfolio, from product groups to item level. Based on the purchase price, the net costs for packaging + material + stock + shipping, your margin, the VAT according to PAN-EU regulation and the BEST is – the system knows the sales fee in the respective category of each marketplace and each product. The system can calculate a perfect gross sales price. Alternatively you setup, a minimum and maximum gross selling prices for your products


anyMarket RePricing


anyMarket Multi-Channel

Multi-Channel / Omni-Channel

distribute the entire product range at any time on all available marketplaces, including your anyMarket Online Shop. From anyMarket’s point of view, this means Product creation on the marketplaces, price and inventory transfers, transaction processing, customer communication and repricing.


  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • CDiscount
  • Google Shopping (in development)
  • Idealo (in Planung)
  • Check24 (in Planung)
  • Alibaba (in Planung)

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product management

  • ordering
  • goods receipt & outgoing
  • inventory management
  • warehouse management
  • controlling

Have a full overview of your stocks at all times. Control your incoming goods & outgoing goods. Complete handling of the ordering process guaranteed. The right storage location is quickly identified and the product found. No limits and no extra costs for the number of storage locations. Easy and intuitive maintenance of your product data directly in the frontend possible.


anyMarket RePricing


anyMarket Supply-Chain


connect an infinite number of suppliers / distributors to the system.
Strategic decisions can be made based on the analyses and evaluations of the key figures.
Secure an optimal value chain and advantages through transparency in the processes.
Optimal inventory management, securing of just-in-time supply, shortening of cash-to-cash cycles, increase of delivery reliability, shortening of lead times, control of payment targets and automatic repurchase are the advantages of our supply chain module.

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